True innovation should meet both current and future needs. We are called to face daily challenges with a reactive and proactive attitude, going in search of new creative solutions without dwelling on inertia on obsolete procedures.

The spaces in which we move must, therefore, mold themselves around us to create a synergy between thought and expression, interior and exterior. We should not perceive any friction between our desire to grow and the quality of the environment around us.

Comfort e sostenibilità

Every day we roll our sleeves up to facilitate and improve the lives of other people. Precisely for this reason, the space around us ought not only to adapt to our current needs but also to those of future generations.
Choosing a chair that guarantees correct support is a simple and direct way of improving the quality of time and promoting well-being. To ensure this, we carry out checks at all stages of production following an ISO 9001 certified quality management system. In addition to offering the right ergonomic support, we offer extensive customization options to respond to the ever-present human hunger for uniqueness and beauty.

made in italy office chairs
sedia ufficio Velvet direzionale
In foto, Velvet direzionale
Comfort e sostenibilità

We make sure that all the materials we use are of local origin to reduce waste and therefore encourage the growth of a “green” market. During the design phase, we look for the best ways to create products with reduced environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle. Thanks to these simple but significant precautions, some Diemme chairs have obtained Green Public Procurement certification, being the new European approach to eco-sustainable purchases.