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Our new general catalog

We are aware that the quality of the space in which we find ourselves affects everything from health to work, from creativity to collaboration.

Diemme chairs are different in shape and function, but in their own specific way they combine to create a unique and innovative workspace. Office, Community, Lounge: whatever the space to furnish, Diemme has an answer.

And it is precisely in this perspective that we have created the new Diemme general catalog.

nuovo catalogo diemme 2022

Office Space

“Design and planning open up new perspectives on what an office space can be, where people can feel comfortable and free, just like at home.
Creating the workspace of the future through design and comfort is part of our philosophy.”



“Whenever we enter a place where there are already other people, the position of each of them in relation to the space is one of the factors that determine the quality of the time we spend there.”

Snake / Diemme Lab

Lounge Area

“Delicately balancing design and comfort, today’s lounges and lobbies, waiting and meeting points, have become soft spaces, designed along the lines of breakout areas, to welcome us in relaxation between one commitment and another: whether for work or as part of our social life, sometimes they have even become more comfortable than our own living rooms.”

Download the new Diemme general catalog

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