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Why choose certified office chairs?

Today, working in the office means spending most of his time sitting at his desk. Inappropriate seating is a danger to our health. For this reason, when choosing your office chair, you must make sure that it is ergonomic and safe. At Diemme, we have always carried out strict quality controls at all stages of production. Our attention is then demonstrated by the certifications from internationally recognized organizations, which guarantee the safety of our products until the end customer. Choosing certified office seating improves the quality of office time.


Certified sitting, secure seating

Did you know that, to be compliant, office chairs must comply with very strict laws? For example, at Diemme, we manufacture office chairs certified according to D.L. 81 of 2008, relating to the UNI EN 1335, which ensures the strength, safety and durability of the products.
We are also ISO 9001 certified for our quality management system, which guarantees our customers efficient and reliable production processes. We also recently obtained the new CAM certification, a certification that is useful to public administrations to identify the best product from an environmental point of view. The minimum environmental criteria are established by the National Action Plan on Green Public Procurement for the environmental sustainability of consumption. Public administration is therefore pioneering a new approach to office life and waste reduction.

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Office sustainability

Are you looking for certified and sustainable office chairs? Our office chairs Five and Goal have just received the CAM certification, thanks to their low environmental impact. We want to promote more sustainable work environments, both from an environmental point of view and for the well-being of workers. Receiving this certification has been a real success for us! Result of the commitment of our research and development department to solve the complex problems related to sustainable development.


Sit comfortably on Five and Goal

Five and Goal are office chairs that welcome the future. They are dynamic, comfortable and customizable, with different colors and options. Both are certified CAM and UNI EN 1335: 2009 in class B. A similar soul but a different style. Goal is characterized by modern lines and a high back, mesh or upholstered. Its lumbar support and armrests are both adjustable to fit the worker’s posture perfectly. Both the office version of Five and the work stool feature a standard black nylon base and fixed or adjustable armrests. Its lines are much more classic.
Which style suits you best?

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