Already in 2019, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee met on the occasion of its 43rd edition to include the “Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene” on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today, in 2022, the committee has met again to establish the entry of another milestone in the Veneto area among the ranks of protected…

For the launch of the brand new LOFT armchairs and stools, we chose to use a famous quote from Ugo Foscolo: “Art does not consist in representing new things, but in representing with novelty.”  This is because the new LOFT communities are perfect for the most diverse environments: not just the office, therefore, but also…

WORKSPACE is the largest commercial interior design event in the entire Middle East and it is for this reason that, even in 2022, we simply had to participate!

Recently the Lounge area of the airline Corsair International at the Paris Orly International Airport has been completely renovated in its spaces and furnishings.


sedie visitatore e divani attesa per Etra


For its headquarters in Maron, Brugnera (PN), ETRA Srl has chosen to renew all waiting areas with Diemme Office chairs.


sedie ufficio e divani ufficio per BeDimensional


For the offices of its headquarters in Genoa, Bedimensional chose our BREAD, CLOP, CHAT and CIRCUIT sofa and coffee tables.

For this modern and classy scenario, the customer chose our LOFT sofas and our CIRCUIT POUF beige.

For this modern, minimal and elegant scenario, the customer chose our BREAD in various colors – all in ERA fabric. BREAD is a system of modular sofas, armchairs and chaise longues.

In collaboration with Blank Studio, the contract project for the Ministry of Culture Office in Saudi Arabia has seen a complete restyling of all the offices, in which vintage elements have been perfectly combined with design furnishings.