Recently the Lounge area of the airline Corsair International at the Paris Orly International Airport has been completely renovated in its spaces and furnishings.


sedie visitatore e divani attesa per Etra


For its headquarters in Maron, Brugnera (PN), ETRA Srl has chosen to renew all waiting areas with Diemme Office chairs.


sedie ufficio e divani ufficio per BeDimensional


For the offices of its headquarters in Genoa, Bedimensional chose our BREAD, CLOP, CHAT and CIRCUIT sofa and coffee tables.

For this modern and classy scenario, the customer chose our LOFT sofas and our CIRCUIT POUF beige.

For this modern, minimal and elegant scenario, the customer chose our BREAD in various colors – all in ERA fabric. BREAD is a system of modular sofas, armchairs and chaise longues.

In collaboration with Blank Studio, the contract project for the Ministry of Culture Office in Saudi Arabia has seen a complete restyling of all the offices, in which vintage elements have been perfectly combined with design furnishings.

Life has resumed its course at full speed: They have successfully reopened schools, gyms and many other business activities and we too have come back to office with constancy, alternating days of smart working with full immersion in the company headquarter. But one thing is certain, that the times of our lives and the spaces…

The months that have just passed have also taught us this: That we must learn to adapt and live with new situations, in all areas of our lives. We need to learn a new way to stay close, a new way to spend our free time and also a new way of working.    SPEAKING…

For this realization in the center of Valencia Óptica Millenium has chosen our Clop, a very versatile chair that with its different bases is elegant and sinuous in its simplicity. Final Client: Óptica Millenium Agency: SantosDecoteros Photographer: Carlos Bonifacio Agent: Abel Olmos Tarazona CLOP sled frame stool and white polypropylene shell / pyramidal aluminium swivel…