Divano Cross: Progetto ospedale San Matteo

The redevelopment works of the Pediatric Oncohematology Day Hospital at the San Matteo Pavia Polyclinic, started last year on March 17th, are officially completed.
The project was managed by the PRINCIPIOATTIVO architecture group srl, which in collaboration with the non-profit organization Soleterre, has created new spaces designed specifically for children and youngsters suffering from cancer, creating different environments dedicated to different age groups and needs not only for medical-assistance, but also for educational and recreational reasons.

Our company has also had the pleasure of taking part in this initiative, supplying one of the hospital’s spaces with our Cross Sofa upholstered in Planet simil leather.
The modular sofa, which is perfect for kids because brings colour and softness to the play space, has also been chosen for its extreme versatility, able to change over time and create (and recreate) original functional shapes for the use of space.

Photo credit: Roberto Conte

PRINCIPIOATTIVO architecture group srl: www.principioattivo.eu/
Roberto Conte: www.robertoconte.net/