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Smart working chair: how to choose it?

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” Stated Hans Hoffmann. And what does this have to do with a chair for the smart working? Here you are. It is even due to this healthy emergency that we are having the chance to reflect on our habits and re-organize our spaces, beginning from the essential.

As Diemme we have re-started from here. We have already said it in the R/evolution cataloguethe beauty of the new design products is in the “R/evolution of the simple chairs”. Now that even our staff has experimented working from home it is even clearer. The first need of office working is a comfortable office chair.

Time and comfort link well with health and efficiency

The smart working chair has to be easy and comfortable as much as possible, since we have to sit many hours per day. If we work at home, in a co-working space or in a classic office we do need a comfortable chair. When we sit for long time the freedom of moving and the possibility to change position, always considering the ergonomics, it is a must. For this reason time and comfort are going well together with a sane posture and a better performance in term of efficiency.

How many times during the first phase of this sudden experience of smart working we suffered of backache or headache? We may have thought even that was not possible to work well from home. Then we learned to manage spaces and rhythms of our home office (read ”Smart working office: how to deal with?” and we had optimized our working day, however our pains did not pass. This is why the chair for the smart working has to be functional and ergonomic.


Hop: the smart task chair

As Diemme we are glad to propose you two kind of chairs, completely different. The first more “classic”, ergonomic with mesh back and adjustable arms on castors. If your new home office is not an usual studio but a multipurpose room then you could opt for the second type: CLOP, a design armchair. Both Hop and Clop 5 star base are certified UNI EN 1335 so tested for the quality of material and resistance, indicated for 8 hours working in front of a computer, quality of material and resistance.

Starting from the first chair for the smart working: Hop task chair. It is a new generation chair, light and heavy duty at the same time. Thanks to the ergonomic shape studied to let the user keep a correct posture it results very comfortable. It is thought for high performance even for an intensive use: the lumbar support adjustable in height, the minisynchro mechanism and the mesh back let your work easy at the computer.

It is available in 6 different colors. So you can choose the right match to your home studio. The seat is upholstered in any colors and fabrics and padded in high density polyurethane foam., the 5-star nylon black base is on rubber and self-braking castors. Optional: aluminium base, fixed or 1d adjustable arms (in height) or again 3d (height, depth and rotation).

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Clop: the multipurpose armchair

If even you, during the long lockdown times, have to re-invent the smallest corner of your house to office, trying to maximize spaces and comfort, then Clop is your choice! Somebody may find working at home a pain, for others it is the good occasion to furnish the studio with a touch of personality. Our polypropylene armchair, designed by DorigoDesign, has light and innovative lines and it is perfect for any location. An original style, modern and very colorful!

Clop has a wide range of colors, for all Feng Shui lovers! If you have a minimal environment we suggest you to choose it white or pastel color. To whom prefer more brilliant tones there is the coral color. For elegant spaces the olive green, but it is available in black or saddle leather too. Our Clop is actually available in different materials: polypropylene or with seat pad, upholstered in fabric or real leather, padded or in hide leather finish.

To optimize the performance of your working space it is advisable the version with gaslift and balance mechanism, which allows a slight movement of the backrest. Clop can have a lumbar support too: an important detail even for the kids at home that has to follow the classes from their bedroom. It is very versatile and include the beam seating and the stools. Remind that the involving shape is even more comfortable with the padding foam, which let the chair for the smart working be even more pleasant.

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