Orgatec 2022

Furniture to
connect people
in hybrid, multi-local, virtual spaces

Orgatec is the principal international trade fair dedicated to the world of work and we are proud to be part of this important event!

The 2022 edition is entitled “Hybrid, multi-local, virtual: how will we be working in future?”  Its goal will be to show how intelligently designed work environments can promote corporate culture and facilitate shared successes.

Whether for office, public or virtual spaces, home or lounge areas, the most innovative and pioneering ideas will be at Orgatec: the most modern “Visions of Work”.

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The future of work today

In recent years the world of work has undergone revolutionary change, becoming hybrid, multi-local, agile.

What, until yesterday, seemed to be only a vision of the future is now the “new normal.” But it is not only the environment that has changed, so have the people who occupy it. For this reason, it has never been more important to face up to the multidimensional nature of work environments with new concepts and new visions, all firmly focused on the future.

New solutions are needed to be able to design in a holistic way working environments that fulfil the requirements of newly changed living conditions and capable of fostering creativity, concentration and inspiration.

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In which kind of environment do we most want to work?
How flexible do work environments need to be?
How can a lounge area be transformed into a creative and sharing workshop?
And what role does technology play in these smart environments?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered at Orgatec 2022.

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Brand new exclusively at Orgatec 2022 Come and discover an all-new seating concept on the Diemme stand.

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