Saudi Arabia / 2020

In collaboration with Blank Studio, the contract project for the Ministry of Culture Office in Saudi Arabia has seen a complete restyling of all the offices, in which vintage elements have been perfectly combined with design furnishings.

Diemme supplied Clop visitor chairs (Planet 1304/126 hazelnut color), with 4-star pyramidal base, Lead model operative chairs (8043 light gray net / Jet 9804 melange gray seat). Furthermore an executive chair from the Velvet collection (Planet 1304/126 hazelnut color).
The result is an excellent fusion of almost rough elements such as concrete walls and stairs, vintage elements such as the choice of tables and desks, and design chairs, ergonomic and elegant.

operative chair lead
Lead / Diemme Lab. 2018
visitor chair clop
Clop / Dorigo Design 2018

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