the office is in for a shake-up.

2021/03/22 00:01:00

In fact, the schematic and rigid space of the past no longer exists in comparison with an open plan where collaboration and planning are of primne importance. Today the office, the physical place where daily work is done, is everywhere and its boundaries are constantly changing. Smart, remote, without fixed hours: the office of the future will take on an increasingly familiar role, rather like at home, and the necessary seating will ensue.


Ergonomics is a true scientific discipline and it is the focal point of our work at Diemme. Our goal is to maximize the response to workers’ natural psychophysical needs whilst at the same time maintaining productive output. Ergonomics has therefore to assume strategic importance not only for every company but also for all employees, who need to assure they take care of themselves, even when smart working.

nuovo concept

a new seating concept.

Slinky black and white shapes, a minimal design for a new way of living life in the office. With our new product, we want to get back to basics, to core elements, to the very essence of things, while remaining in step with modernity. Our goal is to remove the superfluous and focus attention on what really matters: lines, shapes, geometry , colours and, most of all, materials.


Future generations will find themselves living in a world where talking about eco-friendly and low environmental impact seating will be a matter of course. This is why our ability to use recycled and natural materials, and to have environmentally friendly lifestyles has already become fundamental for the future development of our planet’s ecosystem. Sustainable design is today at the heart of an important debate in which everyone agrees: we need to act consciously to leave the world in better shape than we found it!

stay tuned.

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