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Decorate the Conference Room starting with colours, materials and functionality

To furnish a conference room it is necessary to choose the style, the design, the colour of the chairs, as well as to evaluate comfort, durability and layout within the space.

The seating needs to be in line with the surrounding environment so as to make it an attractive and pleasant workplace. It is therefore only right to reflect on the choice of shades, shapes and materials. Opt for non-aggressive colours to promote concentration and relaxation. When it comes to purchasing, don’t sacrifice the quality of the materials – in this way you won’t have to worry about the test of time, both in terms of durability and ease of cleaning.

Another important aspect to consider is  functionality. For example you can choose chairs that can be adjusted according to users’ heights. Then again, if the speakers need to move around, you can select conference room chairs on castors, though these are not allowed in classrooms as they create too much untidiness. If varying numbers of participants attend your conferences, go for stackable chairs, which will also be easier to store away when not in use. Should you, however, want to give your guests the opportunity to take notes, choose chairs with writing tablets.

Foldaway Functionality with Origami

Sometimes it’s what something looks like that makes us want it.  At other times, its technical features are what determine our decisions.Origami is a stackable armchair designed to offer a touch of seating exclusivity. Striking design is combined with rigorous geometry, quality and skilfully worked materials, as well as great functionality. The Origami seat is ideal for a neat and versatile space like the one created at the Munich University Congress Hall.
Do you need to add or remove chairs in your conference room based on varying participant numbers? Why sacrifice your guests’ comfort?  Origami combines the two needs: it’s easily foldable and sideways stackable, and at the same time it is a comfortable chair in itself.
This high-resistance range, guaranteeing reliability in high-volume settings, also offers numerous accessories and finishes able to satisfy every request (as in the personalized installation at SIRM in Milan where the company’s logo has been embroidered into the upholstery). The version with tilting anti-panic writing tablet, housed at rest inside the armrest and completely foldable with just a couple of movements, remains easily stackable horizontally thanks to a handy hook fitted to the lower part of the chair. Different colours are available, though it is advisable to stick to dark grey or understated shades such as those seen in the installations at Zanzar Sistem S.p.A., at Cesena Town Hall, or at Santa Caterina S.r.l.

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