Sedie ufficio ecosostenibili

Sustainability is a broad concept, yet these days one at the very centre of the social and political debate. It is a concept that encompasses many different facets but which can be summarised in these terms: “a developmental model capable of fulfilling the needs of the present generation without preventing future generations from determining their own”.

At Diemme we strongly believe in this philosophy, so much so that we have been working in concrete ways for years with the clear goal of safeguarding the environment – from the choice to use strictly recycled cardboard and plastic, to the decision to opt only for particular types of sustainable bio glues. This has extended to selecting for our manufacturing procedures only machines that perform effectively in terms of sustainability, such as a cutting machine that uses blades only and absolutely no laser, specifically to avoid fumes and to reduce any CO2 emissions to a minimum.

But there are many conscious and very precise choices that Diemme has been making in recent years: here are some of them.

ISO 14001: a dream that is about to come true

ISO 14001 is a voluntary international standard that specifies the requirements of an environmental management system. This certification serves to certify the commitment made, both in terms of achieving environmental performance and from the point of view of the ethical objectives that will mark the future of the company itself.

We are already working with the aim of achieving this prestigious goal by 2023. To this end, we have reconstructed an in-depth environmental analysis (emissions, use of resources, etc.) aimed at assessing our impact as a company and, in the face of this analysis, we have defined a company policy with specific environmental responsibilities to define, apply and maintain the procedures and
registrations envisaged by the requirements of 14001.

CAM certification: our pride and joy

CAM – Minimum Environmental Criteria, is an officially recognized certification in Italy, duly following the European Union directives on the use of recyclable components. These Minimum Environmental Criteria are the environmental requirements defined for the various stages of the purchasing process. The goal is to identify the best design solution, product or service from an environmental point of view throughout its life cycle.

Our products are already CAM certified as they have a low environmental impact and are partly composed of recycled raw material. Their composition already allows simpler and more sustainable disposal. A great environmental advantage that comes from intelligent design.


Sedie ufficio ecosostenibili

Il tessuto ONE


ONE: a 100% recycled fabric to protect our seas

One of our most important fixed points is to extend as far as possible the life of plastic and the many other materials that are used daily in industry. Extending the life of a recycled material must, in our opinion, become a priority for every company!

At Diemme we care both about the quality of life of our customers and the preservation of natural resources and that is why we have launched ONE on the market: our brand new eco-friendly fabric made from environmentally friendly materials made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This constitutes a fundamental milestone in getting us closer to a sustainable office, home-office and contract model.

The choice of suppliers: within a stone’s throw

We had also discussed this here, when we celebrated the “Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Road” achieving UNESCO world heritage status: our real strength is that we have chosen to work right where we were born, mindful that the local territory is the most valuable asset for a healthy and growing company.
And this is how we still operate today, with partners and suppliers just a stone’s throw away. Thanks to this formidable local set-up we have found the courage to look far, face new projects, and open up to new markets the world over.