A moment we’ve been looking forward to for a long time… we can now finally introduce you to the new arrival at Diemme, KIRE. If it were a person, we could describe KIRE as informal but elegant, reserved but at the same time with a strong personality.

The undisputed star of our stand at Orgatec 2022, the entire KIRE collection was designed by Giorgio Topan and takes inspiration from the meaning of its name, which means cut. It is distinguished by its light, sleek profile and clean lines.


Why should you choose KIRE?

Here are some of what we consider the countless reasons for choosing KIRE chairs:

  • for their simple and contemporary design, strongly Italian in its craftsmanship yet with Scandinavian inspiration, minimal, clean, with soft lines;
  • for their almost unlimited customisation possibilities. KIRE is a collection that comprises various elements: primarily chairs, barstools, benches; and then there are the accessories, such as writing tablets and armrests. These can be combined and configured in hundreds of different ways, making the collection highly customisable and adaptable to any need, setting or context;
  • for their versatility. Every environment requires furnishings with certain features, colours and materials. The KIRE collection has introduced a vast range of nature-inspired coverings and shades proposed both in neutral and bright colours. Have you ever noticed how much a colour is able to influence emotions and bring back memories? This is the philosophy that we have embraced in making this choice.

Try to imagine an office, a home, a hotel, a waiting room or any other type of setting. Now look at these images showing the KIRE collection: we are sure that in each of these settings you could find the right place for Kire chairs. Yes, because the aspects listed above ensure that KIRE does not cause a stir, but rather adapts and blends in understatedly with very different settings.


Black KIRE: the chair dedicated to sustainability

There is another important reason for choosing KIRE, and we consider it worthy of its own space here.
For us at Diemme, innovating means meeting both current and future needs, which is why our commitment translates into the choice of the best materials used to make our products, so that the principles of sustainability that we care so dearly about are respected.

That’s why there is one aspect of the collection that we are particularly proud of: KIRE in the black version, with its 100% recycled plastic shell. Specifically, a new generation polypropylene was used, made entirely of strong recycled fibres. The final result will surprise you with its resistance, equivalent to that of virgin plastic. But that’s not all: its versatility means that it is extremely durable, since it is possible to change base or shell over time, thereby maximising the life cycle.


Archiproducts accreditation

At Orgatec 2022, KIRE obtained accreditation from Archiproducts in the “Design Selection” category. This milestone makes us extremely proud and satisfied with the work and passion that we dedicate to the design and creation of our products every day.