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Reception sofas: where to position them in the workspace

In recent years, workplaces have continually and rapidly evolved, innovation after innovation. Often, thanks to technology, work has become more flexible and mobility increased. As a result, the absolute need for static positions for each employee has disappeared. The trend is now to use open spaces, equipped with technological devices (or smart IT objects) and recreational areas with the unavoidable sofa.
There are those who focus on “greening the office”, introducing elements such as hanging gardens, water games, bamboo or wooden partitions … It seems like “to be in nature” helps employees be quieter, happier and more creative. There are those who adopt the horizontal organization model, not only in leadership, but also in space planning. Facilitate collaboration between people with different roles in the same place.

Office trends

We also often hear about smart office: which does not mean that the goal is to reduce the number of workstations. But rather a valuable contribution to rethink workspaces and thus the logic with which they are designed. Recently, according to the Smart Working Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, the most sought-after guiding principles are: flexibility, multifunctionality, acoustic intelligence, technology, building management, wellness services … Among these principles, the need to design and create spaces that can improve the quality of internal relations, be welcoming and therefore encourage meetings between colleagues. Reception areas with seating spaces, meeting rooms and break areas are strategic points for developing teamwork and encouraging communication in the office.
And then?
Of course, each workplace reflects specific aspects of your business but, on the other hand, “what works well” trends can apply to any project or office seating. Reserving spaces for collaborative work and relationships while ensuring greater privacy is an excellent solution because it focuses on office wellness.

A little intimacy in the era of co-working

It is precisely to meet the needs for privacy in an open space that we decided to expand the Circuit family by making it … Privè! This new model fully expresses this “sociable” style of work, while being far from the classic vision of a closed and isolated office. The office sofa Circuit is highly modular and consists of a range of elements that, together, form original combinations, suitable for any type of space. The armrests (open or closed) are both a separating and functional element offering the possibility of electrification: the furniture becomes technological and interactive.
Choice: various sizes and several back heights. The high model is ideal for creating comfortable lounges and face-to-face meeting spaces, as with Circuit Privé. The two-seater sofa offers plenty of customization and versatility, all matching the Circuit style. A sheltered corner that does not abandon the modern and elegant lines. But what happens if we introduce technology into furniture?

CircuitMultimedia, the versatile reception sofa

The Orgatec 2018 edition asked: how to give freedom and structure to the same space? We responded with Circuit Multimedia!
The newcomer to the Circuit line also bears the signature of Dorigo Design. The partition panel module is very convenient for workspaces; it is equipped with USB jacks. This multifunctional panel is mounted on fixed feet in natural oak or on wheels for its mobile version. It therefore becomes easy to handle and is ideal for informal meeting rooms.
Through the different combinations, it is possible to recreate an isolated environment in an open space. Already equipped with the necessary connections to work autonomously, without giving up the advantages of co-working, it provides a practical and aesthetic corner of relaxation.

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