Circuit Media

Life has resumed its course at full speed: They have successfully reopened schools, gyms and many other business activities and we too have come back to office with constancy, alternating days of smart working with full immersion in the company headquarter. But one thing is certain, that the times of our lives and the spaces in which we move today are deeply different from those of even a year ago. Today we care much more about respect for distances, we pay attention to how we behave, to where we sit, how we leave the working area after our use.

In the same way, the working environment within which we move has changed: We moved the desks, made signs on the ground to track the paths and avoid forced encounters, we added Plexiglas screens as dividers between the desks and much more. The new challenge will be more and more to find new ways to redevelop existing workplaces, in order to improve productivity, and to create new offices ready for the contingent situation.

In Diemme we did not ask ourselves these questions directly, but we had already understood how not only important, but essential, is the modularity of the environment around us, the organisation of the office spaces and their fluidity. That’s why we have created products such as CIRCUIT PRIVE’ and CIRCUIT MULTIMEDIA.

CIRCUIT PRIVE’: The sitting which respects the minimum space per worker in the office

Circuit privè is the seat of Diemme that promotes maximum privacy, able to recreate new and unthinkable spaces for everyday work, private and comfortable, even in the case of video-calls. All with a modern and very airy design, far from the classic vision of closed and isolated office, yet guaranteeing privacy as never before.

The focal point is its modularity: The Circuit office sofa, in fact, is highly modular, and allows an always unique and original combination of elements able to adapt to any space.


CIRCUIT MULTIMEDIA: Reinvent workspaces, even in open space

Circuit MEDIA, an element complementary to the Circuit Privé series, is a panel which promotes privacy. Thanks to its wheels it is easy to move it where necessary, as needed. In addition, its structure is composed of two elements: A worktop and a panel, equipped with USB ports and TV screen setup.

All these pluses, combined with the rest of the Circuit collection, furnish the spaces by creating new workspaces, recreating isolated environment even within the most challenging open spaces.

Which is the minimum space between people in an office? Discover it with us at the fair All Around Work

The All Around Work trade fair also has thought of all these new needs. After all, change always brings new opportunities. And so we at Diemme will participate, in collaboration with the architectural firm Principio Attivo, at this new every-2-years, which will be held in Milan from 6 to 8 October 2020.

In this way we will meet many professionals, architects and engineers to shape the present together and design the future of working environment!

At the fair we will also introduce our new product for smart working environment: it is a light, contemporary, modular seat! Thanks to this latest feature, the combination of its elements allows many configurations, to adapt to any space and to any type of environment: from the residential homes to the restaurants, from the waiting areas to the offices.

Meet us at the fair!