Fatto su misura: per Diemme un vero motivo di orgoglio

The great attention we place in choosing our partners is essential in order to maintain a high-level of quality. Because, for us, “made to measure” is more than a motto: it is a true lifestyle that has driven our work constantly ever since our earliest days.

After all, when we establish partnerships with external studios as well as when we rely on our in- house designers, we know we can count in every step on the manual competence and attention of trade professionals who share our passion in their approach to design and implementation.


Our designers in the name of “tailor made”

When we decide to collaborate in the fields of office and contract with Italian designers of excellence such as DorigoDesign, Plus Design by Nicola Cacco or Giorgio Topan, we do so in full awareness that they are all experienced professionals in the art of Made in Italy and they share with us the same focus on the end result.

Our strength is the combination of technique and aesthetics that has deep origins and begins from the very first stages dedicated to the initial design of each individual chair.


Tailor made: it all starts with the design

In the design phase we carry out an in-depth study of the trends of the moment, of the most performing and sustainable materials, and of the principles of ergonomics. Research and design are the keywords of our process. Our goal is to create resistant, versatile products, with contemporary and elegant lines and for this reason we constantly update our colours and fabrics according to the most modern upholstery trends, aiming to create products that evoke the comfort and warmth of home regardless of their final destination – office, home office or contract.

A concrete example? Our bastions of tailor made shapes, colours and materials: CROSSBREAD, VELVET and CIRCUIT.


Quality according to Diemme

For us, quality is synonymous with the choice of the best materials, clever and skilful workmanship, an almost obsessive attention to detail, and a daily search for technological innovation. But quality is also our own distinctive way of dreaming up and manufacturing our products.