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Office chairs at the center of our production

Our company was initially created only for upholstery. Over the years, we have developed the need to create our own collection that can be distinguished on the market. To do so, we focused on design office seating and today we have collections for: executive officesofficescommon areas or visitor reception areas, as well as armchairs and sofasstools and benchestables and accessories. What has allowed us to grow in such a way to present our products at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Orgatec in Cologne or Workspace in Dubai? The answer is undoubtedly among the three key points of our production, namely: designinnovation and crafmanship.

Design recognises the needs

Design is a creative process that starts from a concrete collective need. Charles Eames said, “Recognising the needs is the foundation of design.” For us, design is a synergy between the head, the heart and the hands. It is the magic born of the meeting between a brand and a designer, between means and talents, between functionality and beauty.
In the case of Clop, Dorigo Design has managed to synthesize contemporary and vintage inspiration in an armchair. Together, we have given birth to many variations of colors-materials-legs (read the article “Clop: the polypropylene operational seat“). This versatile chair stands out for its elegant lightness, its measured proportions and the enveloping forms of the “shell” backrest. The user-friendly and adaptable design has been designed for ergonomics and function, even in the bench and stool versions.

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Mechanism of innovation

Innovation is about this process of finding the best results or benefits for a product. After the work of architects and designers, the product passes into the hands of the design office and our suppliers. Our partners are part of our local network, so our office seats are entirely made in Italy. It is fundamental for us to guarantee the customer a quality service with fast delivery times.
Take for example our Velvet executive chair, designed by Giorgio Topan. The synchronised self-weighting retractable mechanism is our most recent innovation. The adjustment of the weight is not managed manually via levers, but internally, in the metal structure and then covered by the plastic shell. In use, the chair perceives our weight and, gives the impulse to the back in regulating the fluid movement of the oscillation.

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Diemme craftmanship

To create innovative design office chairs, craftsmanship is a fundamental part of the production process. Precise cuts, upholstery, traditional skillsBread is a sofa system with great visual impact. The soft padding creates a cozy comfort that rests on elegant wooden feet. The main forms are well balanced, to which is added the search for detail. Design and functionality find a balance thanks to know-how.
For us, craftsmanship is synonymous with originality, often individuality and attention to details. To pursue aesthetic and stylistic standards far from those imposed by the big industry. Also, we distinguish ourselves by the possibility to control our products piece by piece and possibly to customize them individually.

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