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Diemme Office chairs

In the design and construction of office chairs – as well as for seats for the home or public spaces – craftsmanship is a central part of our production process. In this regard, we invite you to read “Design office chairs, artisanal production“.

Indeed, what characterizes the most our company, is the attention paid to every detail, until the customization of the armrests, the padding, the headrests… The industrialization of our products goes hand in hand with the greatest know-how. This is precisely what is relayed by the press articles of Clarin Arq (supplement of the prestigious Argentine newspaper) and Casabella (about the guest of honor event). Here is what they wrote.


Office chairs to personalize

The Italian company Diemme has launched the Clop range in our country. It is an ergonomic, versatile and flexible chair that adapts to different configurations. Available in different colors, the chairs are made of polypropylene and are available in different versions (fixed with metal or wooden structure, swivel, tandem, benches or with shelf). They also offer the possibility to upholster the chair with padded seat or backrest, or add perforated wheels designed by Philippe Starck.


Office chairs craftmanship

As part of the initiatives and meetings organized by Casabella in collaboration with ProViaggi Architettura, to meet the demand for training and professional updating of its readers, students and architects, […] it turned out to be important to pay particular attention to a decisive component of the world of design and customised manufacturing: Craftmanship. In this respect, Italy is still a country that can boast of a widespread legacy of small and medium-sized craft companies. As family businesses, guardians of knowledge, traditions and ancestral know-how, they are now trying to look to the future thanks to the enthusiasm, creativity and initiative of the younger generations.

An interesting selection of companies representative of these realities was presented to the informed public of Casabella Laboratorio during “Guest of Honor”. A cycle of 4 meetings, held in Milan at the headquarters of Via Vigevano 8 in May and June this year. Promoted by the Confartigianato Imprese, Asolomontebelluna, supported by EBAV, managed and coordinated by Fondo Plastico‘s Federica Preto. The meetings took place on a thematic basis, related to materials – wood, iron, stone and glass – and also to the innovative dynamism instilled by entrepreneurs in their business through the use of technology and design.

Fifteen companies, mainly Venetian but not only, have exhibited their work, their products, their versatility and their mastery to overcome the difficult aesthetic challenges proposed by designers and customers to an audience of experts. Objective of the initiative: to connect architects and designers with this group of excellent craft companies to activate dialogues and new creative scenarios.