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A revamped selection of products to furnish homes and working environments that espouses the idea that comfort and practicality are essential prerequisites in the creation of seating. The solutions in the collection are exceptionally versatile and based on an endless supply of fresh creative input inspired by a forward-thinking lifestyle that anticipates the future. The discreet style embraces traditional and modern design influences in order to organize living spaces with rationality and personality, with no obstacles to wellbeing.

As in many other spheres, the great potential and numerous benefits presented by cutting-edge industrial processes have become a tangible reality for upholstered
items. Our customers can now count on high-quality products, great variety in the rapidly evolving selection of models and quick production, which also means fast deliveries. The specific goal behind all of this is to take on a fresh guise and innovate as we step boldly into the future.

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A contemporary language
Attention to quality, ergonomics and details

Diemme mission is based on consumer oriented vision and strategy. The customer as the most important person to whom it is necessary to offer the best quality product.

To develop and manufacture office, home and contract chairs, which express quality, ergonomics and care of details.

Diemme chairs communicate, through a modern language, a new way to live and conceive environments: new shapes and functions able to exalt home and office environments.

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Creativity, innovation, trend analysis and choice of materials

Trend analysis, choice of materials, study of ergonomics.
Technicians who cooperate with designers and creative people. Diemme research and development have the goal to reach maximum comfort with technology and design.
R&D of shapes. Modern and elegant lines, strong character products, which express a precise personality.

R&D of materials. Innovation and study of components to offer a state-of-the-art product.
R&D of colors. A wide range of colors and textures, updated with sartorial and modern trends and close to home sector warmth.

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